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Conference topics

Wide range of topics

EAPPC-BEAMS-EML2024 is a conference covering a wide range of topics. Authors submitting an abstract must make a choice from one of the following topics:


Pulsed power components

  • High-voltage power supplies

  • Closing and opening switches

  • High-energy density storage

  • Pulse-forming lines and transformers


Particle beam technology

  • High-current Accelerators

  • Free Electron Lasers

  • Charged Particle Generation and Application

  • Intense Electron and Ion Beams

  • Plasma, Ion and Electron Sources


Electromagnetic launch topics

  • Railgun launchers

  • Railgun armatures and integrated projectiles

  • Coilguns and other types of EML

  • Power electronics, switching techniques, and pulsed power supplies for EML

  • Integrated launch systems and control and diagnostics systems for EML

  • EML related materials, computational techniques, modeling, and applications

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